Friday, December 17, 2010

A Wild Ride with Sebastian Bach!

My son, Landon, with Sebastian Bach!

Last night I had the pleasure of spending some time with legendary rock vocalist, Sebastian Bach! Sebastian and I met online and discovered that we had many similar interests, heroes and some coincidental life experiences that gave us a lot of common ground to build from... so, while he was here in San Diego I offered to take him downtown and find a nice dinner spot and then hang out for awhile and talk over some good food, live music and perhaps a few drinks at a fun night spot... and that we did!

I met Sebastian at his hotel bar with my son, Landon, and after a bit of chatting and a couple of photos, we hit the road! On the way to drop Landon off, Sebastian asked if we wanted to hear the demos for his NEW CD!!!! Um.... HELL YES!!!!

So Sebastian plugged in his ipod, gave my volume knob an enthusiastic crank to 11, and proceeded to melt our fucking ears, with song after song of intense musicianship, well-crafted harmonies, and that searing vocal prowess that all who love Sebastian have come to expect... but this time he's taking it all the way... he's taking no prisoners!!!

It was like our own mini-concert in the cab of my car, as Sebastian air jammed and sang along to each nuance of the songs for us, I could feel how pumped he is about this record, he is just amazed with his guitarist, Nick Sterling, and rightly so! This kid is AMAZING!!! He has that intuitive phrasing that is so soulful, but it is perfectly mixed with speed and precision that is remarkable for a player of his age!

The first of the 13, YES 13 tracks was a monster, and even as a demo it sounds thunderous, I can't imagine how badass it will sound once it is produced and mastered for the final cut! And better still, I can't imagine how badass it will be live!!!

There is also a really cool tune (I'm not privy to any of the track titles) that has a very modern feel to the verses, with a digital artifact sound to the guitar tone, and then it rises to an in-your-face chorus, that will make any fan of Sebastian's work in Skid Row smile ear to ear!

And there is a ballad that is... crushing... it's a haunting lyric! I would quote it here, but I know that Sebastian doesn't want to give it away... it is gonna be his biggest hit ever, it's so heartfelt and beautifully sung, that it really affected me... you'll see! ;) YOU'LL SEE!!!!!

So... Sebastian and I dropped my son off and headed for dinner, where we had good food, wine, and heard a jazz fusion band play for awhile (Jimmy Love's was the place, great salmon btw!!!) and we talked and laughed a lot :)

Then we headed to Whiskey Girl for drinks and a lot of head turning, where Sebastian took it all in stride - he is very nice and gracious to his fans, and likewise, the fans were awesome as they approached and gave him praise and took photos etc.

The only downer of the night, was my parking in a 5 Star parking lot that closed at midnight!!! So I had to leave my car and get a ride from my buddy and workmate at Church of Steel, Evan (THANK YOU EVAN!!!)

Evan came to get us, and after a street magician had made Sebastian's $100 bill vanish and reappear, we called it a night, and we dropped Bas back at his hotel. Bas, you are the best bro!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

All in all, the night was a blast! But the highlight for me, was hearing the new album like that... in the car, with Sebastian and my son, who incidentally, loves metal music, and in particular Sebastian!

"Dude!" Sebastian said to Landon and I, "You are the first fans to hear this shit!!!!" as he turned around in his seat; his fingers rotating the volume knob... "Are you ready to get your minds fuckin' blown?!?!"

Yes Sebastian! We're ready!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!

-Lance HaunRogue

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S.B's FANGIRL ๐Ÿ”ฅ said...

So..I'm a little 'behind the times'..�� but as one of Sebastians biggest fans..(yes, I know there are millions out there) but I too, feel a 'closeness'( I'm no stalker either๐Ÿ‘) with the man himself..due to several things in common also- & the fact that for whatever reason..I feel like I have known him forever. p
Putting the fact that he is seriously the most gorgeous man to ever grace this planet�� aside- all I can think about is just wanting to 'hang out' with him for any length of time if ever possible!!
I don't share this with alot of people, mainly due to the fact that its none of their stinkin but also because people tend to treat me like a 10 year old with a crush on David Cassidy..(that was when I was like..9-) sheezs..anyway- I'm sorry to ramble on here but I saw your post & I realized..maybe there is a God after all- & maybe he will get a time & place lined up so I can 'kick it with the coolest guy on the planet, even for an hour..right after they peel me up off the
Oh..& I'm sincerely happy you & your son got to spend time with Sebastian..way COOL & thanks for sharing..Lisa ๐Ÿ’œ